1963 Chevy Corvair Monza 4-door Sedan

The specs:

  • Ermine White Exterior
  • Beautiful Aqua Vinyl Interior - no rips or holes, just a cracked dashpad
  • New Carpet with Mats
  • 102 HP Flat Six Engine
  • Powerglide 2-speed Automatic Transmission with Dash Shift
  • 46,xxx Miles when I got it
  • New Goodyear Aquatreads

The work:

  • Rebuilt carbs
  • Repaired rust in trunk and new splatter paint
  • New trunk seal
  • Tune-up including new cap, rotor, points, and condensor
  • New heater duct hoses
  • Repacked front and rear wheel bearings
  • New brakes with rebuilt wheel cylinders
  • Rebuilt starter with new nose
  • New positive battery cable
  • Replaced torque converter
  • New speedometer cable

The story:

I needed a more efficient car for commuting, but I wanted to keep driving an old car. I had a '62 coupe for over ten years that was used as a daily driver for a couple of periods - once by my wife, then finally by me as I was selling it. So I knew about the reliability, fun to drive, efficient nature of the Corvair. Plus, my wife hated the '66 Catalina, and it was her idea to get the first Corvair. So, with her quasi-blessing, I made a straight-across trade.

It's spent the last couple of weeks in my garage, displacing the '65 Lemans, undergoing some rust repair and a tune-up. Soon it will be on the road and the Lemans will be back in.

Update: It's now on the road as my daily driver. I put at least 30 trouble-free miles a day on it. In fact, I just got back from driving it to Carlisle, PA for the Spring Carshow and Swapmeet. Got over 25 mpg, but I wish that I'd put in the new radio. The original AM worked fine, but my station choices were limited.

Update: I bore easily when it comes to cars, so now I want a late model ('65-'69) coupe. I'm selling this one. $1500 or trade for solid '65-'68 coupe. E-mail me at [email protected] This one's still my daily driver until I sell it.

Update: It's now my daughter's daily driver.

Update: This car has sacrificed it's engine to get my '64 convertible on the road. There were too many rust issues in the uni-body to try and save it, so I gave the Corvair Ranch a call and they came and hauled her and the red '62 away.

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Revised: 3/16/11