1962 Chevy Corvair Model 700 Club Coupe

This one's not mine, I don't think. Although, it looks just like mine did.

The specs:

  • Twilight Turquoise Exterior
  • Turquoise cloth interior with rubber mat floor.
  • 80HP Flat Six Engine
  • 2-speed Automatic Transmission with Dash-mounted Shift
  • Bench Seats

The story:

This was my third old car. I bought it after answering a classified ad that only read, "'62 Corvair, low miles, $950." It only had 32,000 original, little-old-lady miles on it when we got it. After rebuilding the carbs, it ran very well for the ten years it was a member of our fleet. For a couple of periods, it was a daily driver - once by my wife and then by me. This was the first car that I tried my hand at body work - somewhat successfully. We originally looked at the car when we were shopping for a Corvair for my wife's parents. The low-mileage and price sucked us in, and when they decided they weren't interested, we snapped it up. I ended up selling it for more than I paid for it so I could buy a big-body Pontiac convertible, the '66 Catalina Convertible.

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Revised: 3/15/11